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Sign up here!  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Create a login and password, add your name, phone, email address, business name, web address and logo and you are ready to set up your "scavenger hunt" 

Login and get started with two options. 

The first is a create your own by adding a statement/question, add the link where subscriber can find the answer, add image, and at least two possible answers.


The second option is submitting the links to the posts you want profiled and we set it up for you. 

After you complete your scavenger hunt by "finalizing quiz" take your unique URL and send it out to your sphere, whether, through social media or your subscriber list. 

Helpful Hints, Best Practices, FAQ

Setting Up Your Account

Your business name will help create your unique URL and it will look similar to this

Your phone and email are for my purposes to be able to reach you if I have questions and an occasional newsletter here and there ( I promise I won't bomb you with a crazy amount of emails) and your web address is where we send your following to at the end of the scavenger hunt. 

Setting Up Your Quiz/Scavenger Hunt

A couple things to keep in mind about your audience. 

The first, what will peak their interest?  I am a fan of some sort of reward like a gift card, or a gift from one of your sponsors, some sort of teaser, but of course you know best.

The second is how long of an attention span will they have. I think a sweet spot is between 5-10 questions.

The third, don't make it too hard.  It should be a fun way to get your audience engaged

Setting Up Your Quiz/Scavenger Hunt

Once your scavenger hunt is set up, you can add it to your social media, and send out to your mailing list.  Creating a graphic and hyperlinking the quiz works well but do what you think is best.  

As soon as you reset your quiz, it will go away and it is ready for you to set up a new quiz.  The link always stays the same. 

After your subscribers complete the quiz, we collect their name and their email and will send you the random winner. We will NEVER share or sell their info. 

Interested in joining a contest - find info here! 

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