Virtual Scavenger Hunt

When I started to develop this program to do the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, it was out of a desire to reuse or re-purpose content and to engage my subscribers and hopefully gain some exposure from other subscribers. Initially I sort of pictured it as strictly blog posts but like anything, as it evolved, it evolved.

Check out a couple examples here and here. The first example I used the Magnolia Blog because, well...I love the Gaines! And the second is from my travel club blog. Just to make a quick note, the Magnolia Blog has not endorsed this or paid for this in anyway. I just used this as an example.

I have done a couple little contests with this virtual scavenger hunt and would love to team up with a couple others with either a subscriber list or followers via Instagram & Facebook! Let me know if you are interested in joining and you can check out a current example of one here. However if you have another idea for a contest, let's set one up!

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