3 RE's

Reusing, recycling, re-purposing. Three words I love! When considering these words in the world of blogging, influencing, online marketplaces and more what are the advantages?

“In Cases”

In Case They Missed It, In Case They Forgot It Or Lost It, In Case They Are New and In Case It Makes Sense Now

Maybe these “in cases” could go on forever but if you are anything like me I likely only have about 3 or 4 minutes of your attention before…SQUIRREL

In Case They Missed It – I love subscribing to all the great content out there. There really is something or a lot of somethings for everyone to read and learn, however we get busy, our in box fills up and I don’t know about you but I miss some great stuff, finding ways to reintroduce your content to your reader is a great way to give them another chance to catch what they missed

In Case They Forgot It or Lost It – For the last 6 months, I have searched occasionally in my inbox for an email with a great article I scanned and wanted to get back to. I have finally determined I accidentally deleted it and I forgot who sent it. Please person with the great article, send it to me again!

In Case It Makes Sense Now – This coincides with the old adage ‘out of sight (or site), out of mind’. How many times do you think you have sent out details of a product to your subscribers and someone thinks to themselves that would be the perfect gift for dad’s birthday in 6 months and the 6 months comes around and they completely forgot about the great gift. Subtle reminders are key!

In Case They Are New – If you are doing things correct and gaining new subscribers and followers, you can’t expect that a newbie will scour your website to see what you are all about. Introduce yourself and another RE word – reintroduce yourself to your subscribers.

2 Your Time

If there is anything certain when it comes to blogging, influencing and promoting products or services, it is takes time and in many situations money. You might be buying “props” like ingredients for a post you are planning. One recent Instagram post comes to mind that I watched. It was a long video so I actually didn’t know if I’d stick with it, but it totally caught my attention. She was so fun AND it was the right time for me as I was getting ready to host Christmas Eve dinner. She had a schmorgus board of food to demo a fun and easy charcuterie. I think about how much time and money it took her to put this together and then a million ideas came to mind how to reuse! If she is re-purposing this content into a subscriber challenge, a blog post, a party planner guide and the list goes on along with this fun video she is getting so much bang for her buck and time!

A conversation comes to mind that I participated in with two bosses I had a few years ago. We were on the subject of different platforms for marketing and the discussion turned to online news articles. One of these gentleman said he absolutely hated the videos online when he wanted to check out a story. He preferred to read the article VS. the other gentleman who hated reading and wanted the video. Your audience wants different things so keep that in mind if you are second guessing re-purposing.

SEO I Think

If the “In Cases” and “Your Time” wasn’t enough to convince you then maybe SEO advantages will. I am not an expert on SEO and it has changed a bit over the years, but if I understand SEO, multiple pieces of content on the same subject can help generate opportunities with key words…Right? And if you are an expert on SEO feel free to help me explain this in laymen’s terms. I love the help!

Check out a couple examples of how I like to reuse content with a fun virtual scavenger hunt here! And contact me if you are interested in trying it yourself! We have a free promotion for your first hunt!

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