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Blogger Amazon Card Giveaway!

Hey blogger friends...

Sharing is caring right? Pick a post you want to bring a little more attention to and join this contest. 


1)  Send an email to crazymatterinfo@gmail.com

2) Email us 1 link to the post you want to use, add the question in the comments you want to use, along with the answer options.  


3) We will send you an invoice for $20 and once paid, you will receive a link to the contest along with additional contest details


4)  7 - 10 bloggers per contest.  Each blogger must add crazymatterinfo@gmail.com to their subscriber list, send out the contest to their subscribers and post to their social media accounts.  Please send links to the social media posts to crazymatterinfo@gmail.com once completed.

5) Participants must finish the quiz and submit their name and email address to be entered and bonus entries if they comment on a post and/or subscribe to a new blog.